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Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

Why Earthens Palm Leaf Plates?

  • 100% Natural material
  • No Chemicals, GMO's, Bleach, or Polish
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Strong and hard
  • Microwaveable (up to 3 minutes)
  • Do not leak
  • No two Earthen plates are ever exactly the same! Each one is unique with varied colors, thickness, and texture.
  • Thickness, color, and texture will vary from plate-to-plate because it is natural No two earthens are ever the same

Earthens are made from the dried leaves of palm trees. Earthens are 100% natural and biodegradable in nature - just like any other leaves that fall from trees. They are backyard compost-able and can be disposed along with other kitchen and yard waste.
According to the Victoria Compost Education Centre, Earthens can even be crushed and used as garden mulch. Once composted or decomposed, this material provides essential nutrients to the soil.
No trees or leaves are cut during the production of Earthens. Leaves are a naturally renewable raw material.

Earthens Vs. Plastic/polystyrene foam plates:

  • Plastics are made from petrochemicals, which come from non-renewable resources
  • Recycling plastics is costly
  • A large portion of plastics is not collected for recycling and eventually makes its way to landfills.  Plastics take thousands of years to decompose so the garbage keeps piling up.
  • The amount of plastics that is recycled is far less than that which is disposed of. A large quantity of these plastics are disposable dinnerware. By using Earthens, we can substantially decrease the amount of plastic plates ending in landfills.

Earthens Vs. Paper plates

  • Most paper plates are made from virgin fibers. This means that trees are cut in order to manufacture them (except those made from recycled or post consumer materials – however recycled paper is often not strong/durable.
  • Recycling paper costs money  
  • Although paper is biodegradable, it takes several months – even years to decompose in city landfills. Simply put, the rate of decomposition is far slower than the rate of waste paper generation.

Available size: 18 cm / 7 " diameter with raised edge - ideal for salads, deserts & snacks.



18 cm Plate

12 pack
USD $6.19

12 pack
CAD $6.49


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