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USB Port Himalayan Salt Crystal Computer Lamp /Night Light

USB Port Himalayan Salt Crystal Computer LampUSB Port Himalayan Salt Crystal Computer Lamp

This lamp plugs into the USB port of your computer. It is a beautiful and healthy addition to a work area. This natural ionizer reduces the amount of positive ions in your environment. Provides cleaner air and healthier atmosphere. The warm glow of the lamp induces feelings of tranquility and peacefulness.

Benefits of Salt Lamp

  • Helps clean and purify the air
  • Known to improve mood and concentration
  • Helpful for asthma and upper respiratory problems
  • Has soothing and calming effect
  • Helps alleviate feelings of depression
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces electromagnetic pollution
  • Improves overall wellness

We are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies from televisions, microwaves and computer monitors. These producers of electromagnetic fields create excessive amounts of positive ions that can be neutralized by the negative ions.

Scientific research of the last decade shows that a balanced ion relationship with a small surplus of negative ions has an extremely positive effect on our physical condition and health as a whole.

A salt lamp alters the electrical balance of an area.  As the natural balance of positive and negative ions exists in ambient air, removing positively charged particles increases the ratio in favor of negative ions.

Salt lamps are hygroscopic, which means that they draw moisture to their surface. In so doing, particulates such as mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc., that are attach to airborne humidity cannot remain afloat without positively-charged water molecules. These respiratory irritants end up falling harmlessly to the floor. So, the surrounding indoor air becomes naturally cleaner.

Height: 4 1/3 " / 11 cm and the diameter of the base is 2 ¾" / 7 cm.

USD $17.49

CAD $17.49

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