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Welcome to Admin Login Official Page. Here you can make direct Router Login to IP. You will also get complete Username and Password list for TP-Link, Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Asus, Belkin, and Billion Router and Modem.

You might be aware of administrative IP addresses that are associated with your internet router. These IPs allow to modify the firmware of the router and make changes to it either in the primary or advanced level. Commonly we use the 192.1 68.1.1 IP for that purpose.

But with some routers, the IP address will be different. If you use routers made by Netopia, SparkLAN, Thomson, Billion, etc., your administrative IP address will be different. Notably, it’s 192-168-1-254.

In this article, you will learn what login page is, how to quickly log in to it and how to troubleshoot your router if it ever becomes unresponsive. If you are not positive if this is the IP address mint for your router, you can check the default IPs and their respective login IDs in the drop-down list which you will find below, so keep scrolling.

What is The Use of IP Address?

With the help of the IP address, you can access the admin panel of your router and make changes in the firmware. You can change stuff like Ethernet to wireless blocking, Wi-Fi multicast to unicast and more. It will give you greater control over the connection that you are getting, legally, with the permission of your ISP.

Rest assured that IP Address can only access on your private network. It means that no outsider can log into your network using your leaked credentials and make critical changes to it. To do any of the changes that we mentioned above you need to first login. For every router, there is a set of default usernames and passwords. If you already know yours, the next section is all about how to login using them. If you do not know your default login credentials, scroll down to the list of router manufacturers and their user IDs and passwords.

How To Login IP Address in Simple Steps:

To log in to your router, you need to follow these simple steps:

At First, open IP address in the address bar of your browser or simply click on “Access Router Panel” button given below. It doesn’t matter if you do this on your smartphone or your PC, as long as the device connects to the same router’s network, it should work fine.

NOTE: – The process might take a few seconds to open Router Panel.

Access Your Router Admin Panel:

As soon as you hit enter you should see a login prompt asking you the user id and password. Enter your default user id and default password for your router. If you do not know what they are, try entering admin for both username and password fields. It worked fine on my ADSL router. If you do not know your user id and password, or maybe you did not get the login prompt at all, just stay put. It might be because you are a router uses a different IP then this article is meant to handle. But don’t worry, there is a section on how you can find your router’s IP easily after which, all the steps remain the same.

After you enter your user id and password you should greet with the homepage of your router’s firmware where you can change necessary things such as your username and the default password, and also advanced ideas, such as the refresh rate of the DHCP client.

List of Default Router Username And Password:

Below, you will find the list of all the famous bottle manufacturers and their default usernames and passwords. Just click on the drop-down menu and select your manufacturers or brand you can get a table where you will find the default credentials to log in to the administrative panel.