Why Would You Need a Wireless Gaming Router?

Hardware companies target participants with all sorts of special gaming hardware. There are gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, sound cards, and more. Nowadays there are also “gaming routers” — hubs exclusively marketed towards participants offering a better online gaming experience. But just what do these gaming routers do differently from common routers, and do their attributes really matter?

We’ll also cover the “Gaming Mode” included on several D-Link wireless routers, that will be distinctive from a gaming router. Gaming Function is an option included on several D-Link wireless routers, perhaps the cheapest ones, and has nothing to do with improving your gaming performance.

Some routers are sold as “Gaming Modems,” Like-D-Link’s DGL-5500. Along with having a gamer functional along with a higher cost, this router promises “StreamBoost” technology. Now, we haven’t benchmarked the DGL-5500 itself, but we can reveal exactly what’s going on here. StreamBoost is a kind of “traffic-shaping” engine. That is also referred to as Quality of Service (QoS).

If you think that there are types of Information Technology & Computer gadgets products that were released into markets just to give the marketing department something to do with their time, then you must agree with me that wireless gaming routers are one of those useless categories, but after a few days of research on the Internet I come to the conclusion that this statement couldn’t be less true and I’m going to list the motives to search and buy the best gaming router on market:

Main reasons to but a gaming router:

Full-time gamers and LAN Party addicts need a wireless gaming router that can maintain alive a bunch of connections simultaneously, without dropping them. It’s the same, Best Laptops for Programming situation like when you’re playing concentrated at a LAN party and you want to make sure that you’ll not miss a headshot in your favorite first person shooter PC game because you’ve been disconnected

  • All gamers want a very fast connection, with low latency between per package and that can send multiple small size packages in a short amount of time (a common scenario for multiplayer games).
  • Newbie gamers want to connect easy, configure network settings and also want visual indicators on the router (like an LCD screen) that help them understand what’s going on without leaving the game interface to the desktop.
  • Gamers want a special custom web admin software interface that will help them easily modify complex settings of the router.
  • Those I think are the guidelines that will allow you to make a list of the best gaming routers on the market, to make the right buying decision.
  • If you want to learn more about best gaming routers on the market today, you can check my article on my blog and pick one up that’s best for you.