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There is no wonder XFINITY deserves some flack for its customer service, but believe it or not, XFINITY does deliver faster-than-most net speeds. XFINITY just may be the go-to net for most people–but make sure to practice deep breathing and think happy thoughts before making a telephone call.

Comcast XFINITY Plans and Prices:

We have listed XFINITY’s advertised rates for online service, but it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pricing. For starters, the advertised price isn’t the normal cost, and pricing varies by location. Do not worry though; we have done the detective work.

Comcast contract and pricing Choices:

The largest factors in XFINITY prices are place and if you decide to enter into a contract or not.

If you reside in the West area, you can land Xfinity internet plans for a sweet $19.99 a month. If you reside in the Northeast, you will likely pay more than twice the cost for the identical plan. It stinks, but there is nothing to be done about it.
If you would like to save money, you can look at entering a contract. We found that if you enter into a 12-month XFINITY contract, then you can shave off about $10 per month. We like the no-contract company, but we like money more. It’s your choice to decide what to do, but when we are sticking around, we are going to go with the cheaper alternative.

Also, do not forget to set a reminder to renegotiate your invoice once the promotional cost ends(we put it on the calendar!). It doesn’t matter whether it is contract or no-contract–that the cost will go up, and if you do not call, you will have a not-so-nice surprise when you see your credit card or bank statement.

If you are not sharing your online service with anybody and you do not do a lot more than keeping up with displays on Hulu, then the Performance Starter program might be the one for you. The program costs as little as $30 a month, and download rate is approximately 10 Mbps. That is not much speed, but it is enough if you care more about saving money than waiting around for an iTunes leasing to complete downloading. We recommend this plan for your money-minded, patient individual, and not for somebody who wants to blaze on the net. Pro plan.

It Has three times the cost of this Performance Starter program at $59.99 a month, but it boasts twenty-five times the rate (200 Mbps). That means the next time you download a picture; it is going to be prepared to see before the popcorn is done. If you share internet with roommates, family members, etc., we doubt you will encounter any issues. The Blast! Pro needs to be more than enough for everybody on your domicile to see what they want on whatever device they choose.