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NoPlastic.ca provides a unique, and value based selection of products for healthier living, and for those who strive be more environmentally friendly.

The widespread use of plastics has left its footprint on our bodies and the environment. A number of studies have shown that no one seems to have been spared from exposure to the dangerous toxins in plastics. This information has made us aware that plastics are not benign materials, and we cannot indiscriminately continue their use. Because plastic is a material that has greatly influenced our health and environment, in a negative way, we selected the name NoPlastic.ca because it is to a great extent self explanatory.

At NoPlastic.ca, our products promote natural & healthy living, and earth friendliness. By having better choices, it is easier to make the right and responsible choice.

We are absolutely committed to service, and offering products that facilitate better and healthier living, and are enjoyable to use. Our customers must receive value for their money – we do our best to make sure that you get the most for every dollar you spend.