Handcrafted Natural Bristle Dishwashing Brush

Handcrafted Natural Bristle Dishwashing Brush


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Product Description

The stiff natural fiber bristles and a rounded untreated with an easy to grip wooden handle make this brush sturdy enough to give pots & pans a good scrubbing.

The bristles are a combination of coconut fiber and sisal, which are well inserted in the wooden handle that is made from untreated FSC certified beachwood. This is one tough brush that keeps scrubbing, and when its over, you can just drop it into the compost.

The height of the brush is 3 ¼”. The handle measures 2 ½” in height and 1 ½” (at the top) in diameter.

Hand crafted by a small family owned workshop in Germany.

Handcrafted Natural Bristle Dishwashing BrushHandcrafted Natural Bristle Dishwashing Brush

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