Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers – the healthy, convenient, cost effective way to store food.

Airtight / Watertight Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers are ideal for storing:

  • leftovers
  • lunch
  • prepared foods (such as soups)
  • food /meats in the freezer
  • ground & fresh cuts meat in the refrigerator
  • natural and processed cheese
  • pre-cut fruit
  • cold cuts & cured meats
  • tea & coffee
  • many types of fresh vegetables
  • breads, cereals, sugar, flour & rice
  • pies, pastries & cakes
  • food while camping (food odor cannot escape)

Airtight stainless steel food storage container set

These food containers can go from the freezer to fridge to stove top, so you can warm your leftovers without dirtying any pots / pans. They are even oven safe! (Lids must be removed when using containers on the stove or in the oven).


What makes these containers the healthy choice & perfect for keeping food fresh longer?

    • They are manufactured from 18/10 (316) grade stainless steel. This is a premium grade of steel, and is also referred to as surgical stainless steel because of its strong and corrosion-resistant properties
    • No leaching of dangerous chemicals such as BPA
    • The gasketed lids close tightly and form an airtight & watertight seal so no air get in. Air is what causes food to deteriorate. So, by keeping air out, bacterial growth is slowed and your food stays fresher & healthier
    • You can put hot food in these containers (as soon as your food is finished cooking), and fill to about ½” from the top, close the lid. As the food cools, a vacuum is formed. (This is similar to the canning process). As such, your food can be preserved for a longer period of time.