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Airtight / Watertight Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers are ideal for storing:

leftovers lunch prepared foods (such as soups) food /meats in the freezer ground & fresh cuts meat in the refrigerator natural and processed cheese pre-cut fruit cold cuts & cured meats tea & coffee many types of fresh vegetables breads, cereals, sugar, flour & rice pies, pastries & cakes food while camping (food odor cannot escape)

These food containers can go from the freezer to fridge to stove top, so you can warm your leftovers without dirtying any pots / pans. They are even oven safe! (Lids must be removed when using containers on the stove or in the oven).


What makes these containers the healthy choice & perfect for keeping food fresh longer?

They are manufactured from 18/10 (316) grade stainless steel. This is a premium grade of steel, and is also referred to as surgical stainless steel because of its strong and corrosion-resistant properties No leaching of dangerous chemicals such as BPA The gasketed lids close tightly and form an airtight & watertight seal so no air get in. Air is what causes food to deteriorate. So, by keeping air out, bacterial growth is slowed and your food stays fresher & healthier You can put hot food in these containers (as soon as your food is finished cooking), and fill to about ½” from the top, close the lid. As the food cools, a vacuum is formed. (This is similar to the canning process). As such, your food can be preserved for a longer period of time.


Finding the best apps on Google’s Chromecast can be … well, less than enjoyable. Despite it being the cheapest way to get your TV connected to the biggest streaming services (and now one of the best-looking since the introduction of the Chromecast App Ultra), Google’s little streaming dongle isn’t known for having the most user-friendly content store.

Once upon a time that was because the tiny streaming puck didn’t have a ton of apps that supported it and the ones that did were sort of tucked away inside the App Store. But, thankfully, over time more and more services have added the ability to cast. Too bad more choice makes finding the good apps even harder.

But that’s where we come in.

Whether you’re looking to stream some great new shows and movies, play a game or two with a friend on the TV or start a house party with some tunes, we’ve found some of the best apps to do just that. A Chromecast is nothing without great Chromecast apps to get it to run.

Google’s streaming dongle is a useful tool that doesn’t have a smart TV or all-powerful gaming console. Thanks to updates from its initial 2013 design (and a potential new 2018 design!), a Chromecast is one of the best – not to mention cheapest – ways to watch all kinds of content on your TV.

There are loads of Chromecast apps out there to download, but your phone, tablet or laptop only has so much space. We’ve collected the essential apps, from home media titants to more specialist apps.

Unsure what Chromecast is or how to use it? Read our guide before getting started.

1. Best Chromecast Apps: Google Home

Previously known as the Chromecast app, Google Home is a versatile app for setting up Google devices in your…well, home. You’ll need it to set up your Chromecast, as well as Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices. With the Chromecast, you can use it to browse trending content, customise your TV screen and play or pause content. It’s a key app to have installed, especially if you’re considering multiple Chromecasts for your home.

2. Best Chromecast Apps: Netflix

Netflix is a film and TV junkie’s dream. After every episode in a box set, it tries to hook you into the next one – sit down for a four-season binge session and Netflix is ready to pump it straight into your veins.

It’s addictive, as anyone who has a Netflix subscription can attest, but there’s nothing worse than paying for Netflix and only being able to enjoy it on a tinny laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now, thanks to Chromecast, you can wirelessly fire your Netflix desires onto the big screen and get comfy for the long-haul.

3. Best Chromecast Apps: Spotify

It’s been a long time coming, but Spotify finally now supports Chromecast – you can stick on those party classics and have them belt out through your TV’s speakers. Spotify is an essential download for anyone who owns a Chromecast