Extra Large Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container

Extra Large Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container


Product Description

Need extra storage?

This storage container provides you with extra storage capacity! The Extra Large Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container is ideal for all of your bulkier food storage needs. This ingenious container comes complete with extra storage capacity, an airtight stainless steel lid and sturdy handles to allow easy transportation of your goods. If you prefer high quality for your kitchen storage needs, then look no further. Manufactured with premium quality, 304 (18/8) grade stainless steel.

This large capacity food storage container is both elegant and functional. It is also rust-resistant so you will never have to worry about your beautiful container corroding or breaking down. The airtight, watertight lid is ideal for keeping food fresh longer and eliminates food odors by trapping them inside. Nothing goes in, or out of this container unless you want it to.

You can also rest assured knowing that your container is eco-friendly and a far more natural choice than some of the more hazardous plastic containers on the market. The Extra Large Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container can handle extreme temperature changes and instead of waiting for meals to cool down after cooking, you can immediately store hot foods in this container and not have to worry about the growth of bacteria or contamination. The secret is that the container mimics the process of canning by creating a vacuum seal as hot foods cool down inside. No wonder your foods will last longer!

Whether its pasta, rice, sugar, pet food or bread your food will remain protected and fresh while resting in an environmentally-safe and friendly container that can be transported for use anywhere. The sturdy side handles are also rust-proof and won’t break even after years of usage and transporting. The Extra Large Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container is surprisingly easy to clean and can be taken anywhere.


Diameter: 12″ /30 cm
Height: 9 ¾” / 25 cm
Capacity: 575 oz. / 4.5 gal / 17L

Made in Korea.

Airtight Food Storage Containers for Cannabis Storage

The proper storage of cannabis is of critical importance to especially to manufacturers.

Proper storage is the primary factor that will ensure the longevity of cannabis’s potency, aroma, flavor, color, and texture. Because it is an organic compound, exposure to factors will change the nature of cannabis over time.
How Should Cannabis be Stored?

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for storage is between 15 to 21ºC (60 to 70ºF), with a humidity level of 60 to 65%. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels can compromise the quality of the cannabis.
  • Light: Cannabis should be stored in a cool, dark place. Exposure to light will degrade THC and alter the potency of cannabis.
  • Air exposure: Once the buds are cured, air exposure must be limited in order to preserve bud quality. Exposure to dust and air particles can also lead to contamination.

Airtight stainless-steel containers provide the ideal short- and long-term method of cannabis storage.

    • Temperature: When stored in a cool, dark place, the temperature inside the container will remain constant and create a stable environment for your cannabis, which will prevent it from getting brittle and drying out.
    • Light and air exposure: When sealed properly, airtight containers do not let in any light or additional air – both crucial factors for maintaining bud quality and THC integrity. By storing your cannabis in a clean, sealed airtight stainless-steel container, you effectively prevent contaminants from settling in your product and compromising its potency.
    • No static
    • Our containers are especially useful for those seeking long-term storage. When stored in the correct environment, cannabis can last for approximately one year or more in an airtight stainless-steel container.

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