Partitioned stainless steel airtight food storage container

Partitioned Airtight Stainless Steel Food Storage Container


Product Description

This food storage container has removable partitions, so you can use them with or without the dividers.

With a 4 ½ cup capacity, it is ideal for packing a salad or meal for lunch or, for storing your left overs. And, because it’s airtight and watertight you need not to worry about spills, and your food will stay fresher for longer.

With a height of 2″ (5 cm) you will have room to stack other items on top of this container. Manufactured from 316 grade (18/10) stainless steel.

Diameter: 5 ¼” / 18.5 cm
Capacity: 37 oz. / 1.1L

Made in Korea.

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